Question Replacing SSD on Surface Pro 8


May 28, 2015
So I bought a Surface Pro 8 with the intention of upgrading it from the start (it comes with the 256GB SSD and 16GB of RAM, so it's an i5 model, which is fine for my uses). I was looking at the WD Black 1TB SSDs but was wondering if they run too hot to use in a Surface tablet since there is little in the way of cooling (there is a cooling fan to help move air, but wasn't sure if I'd be risking overheating the SSD or tablet by using the WD Black drives).I'm obviously not gaming so having the fastest write speed isn't exactly critical, although it needs to be decently fast at various tasks since I will be using it to do some light photo editing (which I found will work fine on the tablet it's just 256GB is not enough space).

Or are there other good quality (and reliable) SSDs out there to consider in the 1-2TB range? Size is 2230 (so I guess 30mm?) Also can I use a 2TB SSD for the boot drive? I remember that way back when, with older OSes like Windows 7 I think, the only way to get a 2TB+ drive to work was to have the primary / boot drive be under 1.8TB, but am not sure if that still applies with machines and devices made in the last 5 years, as I think someone said that as long as it supports UEFI which most modern computers do, it should be fine booting to a 2TB SSD. Ideally 2TB would be best and I think the SP8 does support it from what I've been told, but don't know if I can use the full 2TB as a single partition or not.