Replacing Stolen Computer Speakers


May 23, 2013
Hello all,

I owned a set of the Z-2300 computer speakers from logitech which consists of two speakers, subwoofer, and control module. Recently my car was broken into and the speakers were stolen but the subwoofer and control module were left. I purchased a replacement set of speakers for the Z-2300 model off ebay, note that the current parts aren't being manufactured anymore.

After acquiring the ebay speakers I plugged them in and all i get is the base, no sound from the speakers. To troubleshoot the problem i'll describe how the speakers are connected; the power goes into the sub, the control module plugs into the sub and the computer, and the speakers use RCA plugs (left/right) to plug into the sub.

For troubleshooting I've confirmed the sub is producing base, headphones work through the control module, restarting the computer, and uninstalling and reinstalling the driver. None of this has had any effect still no sound, and I'm not sure what else to try since the speakers are connected so simply.

This would give me two options: speakers are broken although the ebay seller claims proper functioning, or compatibility issues. Can one not replace lost speakers with speakers of the same model if they were manufactured years apart? Does anyone have experience replacing lost RCA plug speakers? Any advice or replies would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: So if I turn my speakers up EXTREMELY loud and do the "test" sound on my playback devices I can barely hear a noise from the speakers by holding them up to my ear. Don't really know what this means. I checked the configuration of the speakers on my computer and there was nothing off.
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