Report about my sony vaio laptop i5 problem which was not solved in service cent


Dec 13, 2012
hello there ,
i am let's not say am but say was the laptop buyers and would suggest every one i knew here in nepal and india to take sony vaio laptops only but now i don't suggest any one to buy this brand and i am really very sorry to inform you this becaause 4 months back i brought a sony vaio i5 laptop from vaio laptop showroom in Neheru Palace in new delhi . since iwas in delhi for 3-4 days it was ok because i didn't use that much but when i came to nepal i found that there was a heating problem which would freeze automatically after 15 minutes.
last 2 last month i visited there and lodge a complain for which i was forwarded to service centre where they said it was just a formatting problem and they forfmated my laptop after 3 days later i again came to know that the laptop is having same problem after i came to nepal where i stay now what i didn't like was they kept my brand new laptop with them for 3 days and the problem was the same even after formatting and see i am not from india and this sort of problems ..
please suggest me



Apr 26, 2012
To minimise overheating, always have the laptop sitting on a hard, flat surface. Do not use it on your lap as your clothing can block the ventilation slots.

Put a flat board on your lap, then put the laptop on the board.
If it was working fine before, get a can of compressed air. With the laptop off, aim it into the fan outlet and give it a good blast. That'll blow most of the dust off the heat sink and fan, and improve its cooling again. Sometimes, after a few months of use, that's the main cause of overheating problems.

If you can't get cans of compressed air, try an auto shop with an air compressor for filling tires. That'll generate enough air pressure to give a good blast.