Request help in deciding model-laptop for less than ~$380


Aug 1, 2008
Watching videos, movies,you tube, browsing the internet, MS office work. Listening to music.

Here are the requirements:
RAM minimum 4GB
Should not get overheated.
Screen should be minimum 14" inch
Better to have a DVD RW;
Good battery Life
Intended to use for many years.
Max budget is 18k.
Do Not want any OS as I can install the OS by myself ( Windows 7 64 Bit or Windows 8.1 64bit)

I will be purchasing this India.

I have seen this model of ASUS and it seems to fit the requirements.
I request your input on deciding which is best model:
the processor seems to be very different in these models..whether to go for AMD or Intel for getting the above mentioned purpose and requirements?

Asus X552EA-SX006D Laptop (AMD APU Quad Core A4-5000 Processor- 4GB RAM- 500GB HDD- 15.6 Inches Screen- DOS- 512MB AMD Radeon HD 8330 Graphics) (Black)
for $376 (Rs.22290)

Asus X55U Laptop - APU Dual Core/ 4GB/ 500GB/ 15.6" LED + 1GB ATI Graphics for Rs. $380 (Rs.22500)


Asus X551CA Laptop - 3rd Gen Dual Core/ 4GB/ 500GB/ 15.6" LED
for $369(Rs.21900)

Can someone give much better options / Models?


I would avoid the Asus X55U at all costs. It uses the AMD E2 series APU. The E, E1, E2 series APUs are low power APUs. While that technically means long battery life, it also means sluggish performance as well. I have read many reviews of laptops using the E2 APU and many people have regretted purchasing their laptops. They either returned it, bought a newer more powerful laptop within 6 months or they plan on purchasing a more powerful laptop "soon".

The AMD APU Quad Core A4-5000 in the Asus X552EA-SX006D laptop seems decent enough. But I am not very familiar with lower end CPUs or APUs.

I have seen different versions of the Asus X551CA laptop when doing a Google search. That laptop either has a Core i3, Pentium or Celeron CPU. Given the low price I think it is safe to assume it is not the Core i3 version. That leaves either the Pentium or the Celeron. If it comes with a Celeron, then I would be inclined on ignoring it. If it has a Pentium CPU, then I think it is worth consideration.

Between the Asus X552EA-SX006D and the Asus X551CA (with a Pentium) it would be a tough choice. Again, I am not very familiar with the performance of lower end APU / CPUs. The A4-5000 is a low end quad core CPU though so it can make multitasking a bit better. If it has a Pentium CPU then it would likely be the dual core Pentium 2117U. While only a dual core CPU, each core is much more powerful than each core in the A4-5000 APU. There are pros and cons about what is a better a powerful dual core core CPU or a weak quad core APU / CPU.

As for integrated graphics performance, both should offer similar performance.


Aug 1, 2008
Thanks very much for your answers. This brings in much clarity!!!( also makes me think of spending little more on more power laptops) I will let you know soon.
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