Require a headphone amp for PS4/PC


Jan 1, 2014
Mostly it's for PS4 as currently when I have my modded fostex headphones connected through my monitor the sound is weak and not loud, even if I bypass it through some speakers connected to the monitor.

My budget is £80, ideally it has to be from Amazon. Anyone have a suggestion? :p
i'm not sure what quality your headphones are...

if all you wanted was an amp that can connect in-line via 3.5mm then perhaps the fiio e6. its cheap.

of course you could also work with a few of the other fiio amps as well

if you wanted something a bit nicer its a bit above budget but the o2 amps get good review but i'm not so sure what the quality of the signal is coming out of your monitor output.

if you had a nice pair of headphones such as studio headphones or the like the best sound you are going to get would be from a dac/amp with optical input (since ps4 has optical out) but it completely blows your budget. i'm just throwing it out there as an example of whats available

what you could also do if for some reason the monitor headphone jack was causing sound quality issues would be to get an hdmi audio extractor and to pull your signal from there to the amp to the headphones.