Question Reusing speakers from Logitech Z506 (or repair)

Feb 18, 2023
My beloved Logitech Z506 is now dead (I suspect a power supply board issue as that's the most common problem).

The replacement parts are not readily available (or they are extremely expensive and not worth the cost).

Knowing that it's a power supply board issue within the subwoofer, my question is - is there a replacement subwoofer or alternative device that I can use with my speakers (4 satalites, with one of them having the (d-sub? looks like a vga type connector)) or is the entire set useless and needs to be recycled?

I'd be happy to repair it if there's a confirmation of the problem and available parts, otherwise reusing as much as I can is the next priority. If neither is possible (or a cost effective solution) and these will be recycled/tossed out.