Rift over vive?


Apr 26, 2017
Ive been thinking about buying a vr headset for a long time now after spending a couple of days with an HTC vive at a friends. I have a bit of space for room scale vr (about 2x3 meters) and id read a lot about how the vive is better at room scale tracking compared to the Rift,. But the price of the rift as well as the controllers are really the biggest factors into why ive changed my mind and instead focused on the Rift. But im stille midly confused on how exclusivity deals and cross platform play is with the Vive and the Rift, seeing as many games (Pavlov, H3VR, Arizona Sunshine) i know are playable on both platforms, but i have no clue if i can play with people using a Vive if im using a Rift. Currently the Rift is about 2500 kronor cheaper in my country (roughly 275$ or 215£) and buying another tracker for the rift still makes it the cheaper alternative. Is there anything that the vive has over the Rift to justify that price difference?

My room size is about 2.5x3 meters (probably not accurate, just looked around and estimated) and my PC specs are as follows:
GTX Geforce 1060 6GB Founders Edition (overclocked)
14GB RAM (dont ask why its not 16)
450W Power supply
(idk if monitors matter but heres mine anyways) Acer Predator XB271HU and ASUS VX238H

Thanks in advance for answers.


Mar 21, 2012
The Vive is a great headset but I like my Rift just fine. Not sure how the cross platform coop works but I’ve played both Oculus and Vive games (on Steam) without issue.

With that small of a playspace I would recommend Rift over Vive anyway. That’s about what I have and I don’t run a 3rd sensor (only necessary in a bigger space) and havent found a situation where it would have been helpful.

Your system specs should work fairly well (I had an OC’d 3570k with gtx 1070 and only had slowdown occasionally).

Edit: where the vive would be much better is if you had the large space and shelled out the additional $ for the wireless receiver so you’d be completely untethered.


This really isn't any different than asking whether to buy a Playstation or an XBox console. No natter which way you go, you're going to run into issues with exclusion and cross-platforms. That's really up to the game developers.

What I would probably recommend is going to the Steam Store's Virtual Reality section and look for games that have both the HTC Vive support symbol (Triangle) and the Rift support symbol (Oval). Even in a game does have both symbols, there's no promise that you'll be able to hook up with someone using a different headset and VOIP may not be natively supported so you might need to use a third party solution like Teamspeak.

There's really too many variables to give a concrete answer. I'd recommend doing a Google search on "VR Cross Platform" and start digging in.

-Wolf sends

For the record, I went with the Lenovo Explorer which runs Windows Mixed Reality (Goggled Smiley Face symbol in Steam) and like you, I'm worried that it will lose support in the near future (like Windows Media Server).