Right front speaker on Samsung theater system not working, but does work during test


Nov 29, 2015
Hi everyone,

We have a brand new Samsung blu-ray home theater system. We just set it up about 2 weeks ago and over the past few days, we've noticed that the front right speaker is not working. I know that different TV shows and movies have different sound settings and different speakers will work at different times, but this front right speaker isn't putting out any sound at all. I literally sat there with the speaker held up to my ear while my husband changed channels, all HD channels and we even tried some movie channels, and there was no sound. We also tried putting in a Blu Ray disc and still no sound from it. However, when I go into the settings and do a speaker test, it works there and plays the test tone, but during any movies or TV shows (we have it hooked up to work with our DirecTV), it doesn't put out any sound whatsoever. All of the other speaks and the subwoofer work fine.


Jan 27, 2016
I am having the same problem. Front right speaker works during the test, but will not play sound while watching tv. Front left speaker works fine. How can it play during the test but not for tv or movies?
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