RIM Allowing BitTorrent, µTorrent Remote to Launch on BB10

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Jun 16, 2012
Amazing! I'm so glad Blackberry has listened to its customers and is giving us what we want! I hope they keep the company alive with this phone. It truly looks amazing and I'm not surprised they had a really good stack of tricks up their sleeves.
Definitely gonna buy.


Aug 3, 2008
Bittorrent is a wonderfoul technology, cheap and very fast. This benefits made ​​to be adopted by pirates and for this reason is blamed by the big corporations.


Dec 8, 2007
What blackberry should do is let people do whatever they want with their phone. Encourage them to do what they want and offer the original ROM on their website in case people who changed it to a custom one can download it again. They definitely need all the help they can get.


Mar 13, 2006
Why doesn't Apple allow BitTorrent on the app store? The program in itself isn't illegal and if any program that allows illegal activity isn't allowed then better get rid of web browsers, etc too.
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