RIM May Have to Cut PlayBook Price to Shift Units

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Sep 16, 2011
Even if they lower the price below $350 it's possible they will still be sitting on store shelves collecting more dust. Also with the HP touch pad is still surfacing and people waiting to get one not only at the $99 price but over $300 or more people are buying them. I think rim waited to long to make the necessary addition, etc to their tablet and the price they were asking for is crazy.
Another thing is there are so many new tablets coming out that have a lot more to offer at a cheaper price. They need a FIRE SALE @ $89.99 go for it.


Jun 22, 2010
MAY have to cut prices? You mean they HAVE to cut prices. They should have cut the price over a month ago at the very latest. RIM's plummeting share price is totally deserved, because the company is being run like sh*t.


RIM should keep seling phones, but not tablets. They should withdraw the Playbook and stick them in a landfill. Reducing the price significantly would cheapen the Blackberry brand.


Dec 4, 2004
[citation][nom]eklipz330[/nom]to put this into perspeective, apple sells 50 ipads everytime rim sells one playbook[/citation]

Well, of course. A lot of people see value in the iPad. The Playbook? ...not so much.


Apr 11, 2010
Title is obvious but at least RIM are making the right moves. I feel all tablet makers (minus ASUS and apple) NEED to cut the price of tablets. Why would I buy a device that costs more than a budget laptop and then have to buy a overpriced data bundle on top of that? That approach is not gonna make me drop my laptop or even my netbook (I can at least write and compile code on a netbook which is the big advantage and yes some online compilers work ok). I even can afford a mifi device and keep it toped up cheaper than the 2years a tablet will last before the OS update leaves if feeling slow and incomplete.
So far tablets with keyboards are the only ones that interest me but they really need a price drop since accessories cost as much as the tablet half the time. Carriers arnt helping either, they only offer tablets with a very low end smartphone and give an expensive but worthless contract with it. I liked the bridge idea for blackberry as it got round tethering "issue" and the atrix solution (which I convinced will unfortunately be a one off rather than a genuine attempt to direct the market), but nowhere stocks the playbook without a ridiculous mark up or contract I don't need.
Even if the perfect tablet exsisted A netbook plus mifi is cheaper and more versatile IMO. Town has enough wifi points to get by without mifi half the time tho the uni where I spend most of my time doesn't support most devices (uses security software that they only let apple tablets and pc on atm). My phone can handle all the youtube and browsing on the go and my netbook does for storage and content creation. Why would I buy a tablet that costs more but ultimately is hamstrung by overall cost in the end? A playbook is the only tablet I would consider since it can compliment a smartphone rather than sit on top of and make mostly redundant. If decent playbook pricing comes out I will reconsider RIM if
A) the price is right across the board (tablet and phone)
B) current devices get QNX support
C) Giff gaff pull something out of the hat regarding BIS or my current network make a good bundle offer (750mb data cap really sucks so a lot of ground to be made there).
D) some sort of keyboard dock is released and a txt editor or something that allows me to write code other than word (even compile it online or at home is ok)


Jul 2, 2010
Playbook is a nice toy but hard to look at because it has a very small screen and hard to sync with a Windows computer and hard to run MS Office and Adobe Photoshop on and hard to print to my printers with and hard to play my 3-D games on and too slow to solve my equations for the Universal Theory on.

If they reduce the price for it to $1 so it is sold in the Dollar Stores, I might buy one, but I'm hoping they come out with a 2nd edition one with retinal display, quad core eight virtual cores cpu with 8 GB ram, 256 gb SSD, micro HDMI and USB 3 outputs, 20 MegaPixel forward and backward video cameras with autofocus, stereo speakers for $1 each, or 2 for $1 would make it an attractive gift purchase for Christmas.


Nov 23, 2008
RIM has the same problem as everyone else mostly (HP, Motorola, Samsung) - releasing a competing product with very LITTLE value that is equal or surpass the market leader AT the same price or more.

The big-guys said that Apple's tablet market share would shrink to about 30% in 2012 with Android taking over. *I* STILL DON SEE THAT!!* Many people are rooting the B&N Nook into a $250 7" Android tablet. Yet its still a rather functional tablet out of the box, has books, magazines, a browser and games (drum roll... Angry Birds). The only thing it doesn't have/do is store user content (music/videos/photos) and take pictures/video.

Cheapest Tablet on the market at $100 at any store.... LeapPad Explorer, which does include a camera. Made for kids.
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