RIM: We're Not Giving Up on PlayBook Tablet

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Dec 4, 2004
Perhaps, they should just get that price down to $99 and see how they sell. $300 is not competitive for the Playbook...it's 3x overpriced, IMO.


May 11, 2007
I think the playbook was a nice device hardware wise. The problem is these companies need to realize that there is not room for too many operating systems. Right now, it seems that android and IOS are the only viable sources. If the playbook was an android device, then maybe it might have a better chance.


RIM should license QNX to all of the companies paying Microsoft royalties for using Android.

QNX is a better OS than Android.


Jun 14, 2006
I got a free playbook when I bought a new car as a gift from the dealership. I do find the interface excellent for multitasking and web browsing, the screen is great for video and the speakers are even reasonably good. I find it very frustrating that it has no native email app because I don't own a blackberry phone, but supposedly that will be resolved shortly. It has a nice citrix app, there's a great 3rd party ebook reader for $1 on their market, and the need for speed and tetris games that come with it really show off its gaming capabilities effectively.

The ebook reader app that came with it limits you to only read books purchased from its own bookstore, so it's very limiting but at least effective. The PC interface/synch/backup software is pretty straightforward and works well, though it does not convert video files for me when transferring video like Samsung Kies software does, so I have to use handbrake first.

One big thing it's missing is Skype, though there is an app in the market called ReelPortal for video chat that it claims also exists on both the android and the apple devices, though I have not had a chance to confirm that or try it. wifi video chat would be pretty cool, too bad the upcoming (very limited) compatibility with android apps will not work with android video chat apps.

I DO hope someone comes up with a way to load android on this device (while still allowing the cameras to work), I would do it in a second. My wife has a Samsung Galaxy phone, and android has so many more apps.


Nov 14, 2009
I DO hope someone comes up with a way to load android on this device (while still allowing the cameras to work), I would do it in a second. My wife has a Samsung Galaxy phone, and android has so many more apps.
Blackberry will be releasing an emulator that will allow you to use Android apps (though not all) on their device. I think that is supposed to come out with their OS update in Q1 '12, not exatly sure on that though.


Aug 1, 2009
RIM rushed the Playbook out too fast, with unfinished software. The QNX update coming in November will address a lot of concerns, but they certainly need to get the Android-emulation ability done ASAP, otherwise QNX will fail.


I agree, a good deal at $199 for solid browsing and video, presentations and office to go, great business tablet but maybe not appealing to masses which would rather play angry birds. But if they can ship OS 2 and port over huge numbers of Android apps we will see more people picking up this powerful device.
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