Review Ring Stick Up Cam Battery review

Apr 20, 2022
Hi Tom and anyone else who is interested, I have just recently purchased a Ring 4 Camera Set, unfortunately when I went to put them up to install them on the Ceilings around my home I found it could not be done as I needed to purchase more brackets to enable me to do this.

So I rang the support team at Ring to discuss my displeasure in that no where on the box cover is there any advice/warning or instructions that when buying the Ring Stick Up Camera Set you need to purchase mounting brackets that will enable you to put them on the ceiling, after speaking with the support member and informing him that its actually false advertising by stating the Ring Camera is a Stick Up Cam when its not and if you want to install them on the Ceiling you first have to purchase at an exuberant cost to do so. I was then told that all retail staff in stores are trained to inform customers of this, I replied with well thats not true becayse I actually asked the salesperson if these could be put on the Ceiling and his response was after reading the information on the box, yes its okay to install them on the ceiling as its a Stick Up Cam, this is entirely false and puts customers in a position that forces them to fork out more money so as to install the Stick Up Cam on the Ceiling.

I was then informed by the support member that I should have done more research on the setup of the Ring Stick Up Cam, my response was why would I do that I wanted a Camera Set that I could put on the Ceiling and the Ring Stick Up Cam advertises just that, its a stick up Camera and if the information on the cover on the box stated or warned buyers that if you want to install these Camera's to a Ceiling you need to spend another $100 dollars or more in purchasing the mounting brackets to suit so as they can be installed to the Ceiling then I would have purchased something else that did not need further costs added to an already expensive Camera Set.

I also stated that the company should include those mounting brackets in the box so as customers have the choice of either Wall or Ceiling installation and as far as i am concerned unless they clearly specify on the cover of the box that these cameras cannot be installed to Ceilings without purchasing Mounting Brackets then they are misleading customers by stating these as Stick Up Cams, so I just wanted to ket you know Tom that maybe you should consider reviewing this product given these problems that consumers will be hit with when purchasing the Ring Stick Up Cam as its False Advertising thanks.