Robocalls, Telemarketing Calls Get Worse: What You Can Do

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Paul NZ

Sep 15, 2014
Only pests I get are these wannabe's when pretend they're Microsoft. And want to get into my computer

Easy way to fix that I can block their number on the phone


Nov 21, 2011
My S7 Samsung's memory allocated to blocking numbers has filled up, leaving the user totally in the dark as to which number to delete, trying to make more memory available. That software needs more user friendliness.


Jan 3, 2018
Dang, no mention of RoboKiller here? Seriously my favorite app. Getting back at all the telemarketers who call me is both hilarious and rewarding knowing that you're wasting their time!


Aug 6, 2017

My home phone keeps getting these annoying robocalls and advertisement calls that annoying the heck out of me that I just want to smash the dang phone so it doesn't ring anymore. I don't know how these annoying bastards got my phone number, but they keeps calling me hours by hours, and days by days like seriously.

Are there any free legitimate service to disable these robocalls and advertisement calls? My home phone log filled over 75 random names ID that I don't recognize at all for my entire life. In addition, these ringings disturb my peace sleep and day.
Aug 18, 2017
I bought an old TV advertised device called "Teleblocker" that goes between the phone line and the phone. It answers the call and sends the three note "Out Of Service" tone to the caller. A robotic caller will assime that the number is bad and hang up. A human will wait for the "operator message" but by that time my answering machine takes the call. It has been working foy over twenty years!


Jan 21, 2018
I believe that I made a BIG mistake when I finally lost my temper and told a spammer that we will never, never, never buy or use any of your products. Wow! After that I started to receive at least 4 times as many unwanted calls. I don't answer them any more. If "RoboKiller" answers the call, will that make them made and put you on other "call lists".

I have even received 3 calls that appeared as my own number!

Another thought: I believe that AT&T (and others) are encouraging these calls by allowing "call ID spoofing" at all. I used to be an AT&T technician and think that they have the ability to TURN OFF ALL SPOOFING in the Central Office. If they can't turn it off, at least charge $0.10. or less, for each ID spoof. That would allow legitimate users (doctors, schools, etc.) to get through, but would stop spammers.

Another thought: I saw a forum message that claimed that AT&T executives told him that there is a big push for customers to use "minutes". I have unlimited. Do many people still use "minutes? Anyway, robocalls that go to voicemail use "minutes" and a lot of them. 10 robocalls a day, about 2 minutes per day, times 30 days equals 60 minutes per month. If true, this is certainly evil and affects ALL users, because of the robocalls.

Another thought: If you have answered some of these calls, have you ever wondered why they first ask "Can you hear me"? When you answer "Yes", they somehow save and use your "Yes" answer to validate using your number, as in "Can we call you in the future?", "Yes". "Can we sell you number to call lists", "Yes". If this is true, it is extremely fraudulent, but, if outside the USA (see below), hard to prevent.

Last thought: The "DoNotCall" list is only good for spammers in the USA. The marketing spammers have created companies outside of the USA and are exempt from the DoNotCall list.
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