ROKU 3 won't stream Surround Sound while watching Movies. -


Jan 8, 2016
Have a Sharp TV with only 2 HDMI ports.
One is for the TV
The other – I used for a Panasonic Blu-ray player that has an old Yamaha RX-V490 A/V receiver connected with coaxial cables -
This allows me to have surround sound via the HDMI cable to the TV.
Works perfectly.
Recently received Roku 3.
Needed an extra HDMI port, so I purchased a Kinivo 301BN for extra HDMI ports – Now using the second HDMI port on TV.
In the Kinivo ports I have the Roku 3 and my Blu-ray Player.
The HDMI cable that is connected to my Blu-ray player/A/V Receiver works fine in the Kiniovo.

I can not get the Surround Sound while watching movies using the Roku 3.
While watching a movie, no S/S via a/v receiver.

I can get surround sound on regular cable tv stations.
If I set the a/v receiver remote to tuner radio plays, if I set the remote to TV the Cable station audio comes through. If set the a/v receiver remote to CD I can watch a DVD in surround sound.

Some how the S/S signal is not coming through the Kinivo only when I watch a movie on the Roku 3. Odd!!
Really not sure if it’s the Kinivo or Roku.
Any advice you can give me on this matter will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.