Question rooting a galaxy a51


Aug 20, 2016
does anyone know how to root the galaxy a51 phone? it seems my phone will not let me see my cameras when i use the metro pcs network and not any wifi. it does a fair job with wifi but almost nothing with the 4g network. i believe it is because this phone was at one time a tracfone and still uses that OS. the wifes phone is a metro pcs TCL phone and uses the metro pcs network also but boots with the metro pcs logo, mine boots with tracfone logos. her phone can see the cameras almost perfect. it does drop a bit but not enough t really bother. my phone shows for maybe 2 seconds a drops for almost a minute.

so i'm wondering if i was to root the galaxy a51 it if that may fix that tracfone boot issue and allow the phone to better use the metro pcs network. does anyone happen to have an idea if that may work.