Rumor: Comcast to Include HBO in Cheaper Cable Bundle

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Oct 28, 2009
You know Comcast. By year 3 Comcast will be charging over $100 for the same service unless you're a new customer. Then you go to the competition for a number of months or years so you can get the 'Welcome back' discount for two years, then Comcast jacks the price up well beyond reason, you switch again and so on.

It's good to be a new Comcast customer, but bad to be an existing customer after year 1 or year 2.


Oct 6, 2003
The "a la carte" idea been around for years which cable companies does not want to offer. Bundles always made them the most money forcing subs to pick a tier with the channels they want.

I am happy to see this is being pushed through. Hopefully it'll become law.

Meanwhile, Comcast is trying to keep much of their subs as they can by offering some "perks". The past few years they have been adding more bandwidth to cable service as my speeds kept on getting higher and higher with no caps. No complaints here.

Thanks to Netflix, Amazon and others it forced satellite and cable companies to compete. Dish and DirecTV are losing subs pretty fast. My neighborhood is littered with unused dishes on their roofs. My house included. Some even mounted HD antenna on the dish's mount.

Who knows what Comcast and other cable companies will do if this trend continues. Maybe they will focus more on becoming internet only provider so they wouldn't have to deal with content fees.
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