Run laptop plugged in WITHOUT the battery???


Jun 26, 2010
can i use my asus g73jh plugged in but with the battery removed without hurting anything?

iv been getting a lot of random battery percentages and most of the time it says pluged in not charging at 6%, 25% 99% whatever number it chooses that day. currently 0% since i drained the battery

i tryed the unplug till it dies and then boot into bios and let it die again then restart pluged in to reset the batery thing it dosnt work.

now im getting the flashing red battery light and i dont know what that means so here i am asking if i can try running it without a battery plugged into it.
Yeah, the laptop will run fine being plugged into the A/C out w/o the battery. That's how I use my laptop. I only install the battery when I know I am going to be taking it with me somewhere.

As for your battery... I suppose it is basically dead and needs to be replaced.


Oct 23, 2011

It means that your motherboard is almost toast. Theres a chip on the motherboard (usually a MAXIM) thats responsible for the power management. It monitors the battery level and adjusts the charge rate accordingly. So, if your laptop is receiving power but the battery isn't charging its either the charging circuit (this chip) or the battery itself (unlikely since you were seeing good percentage values until you drained the battery).

Anyway. Your laptop will function perfectly fine without the battery.



Bad decision to drain the battery. Li ion battery is not meant to be drained to 0 percent. Over draining it will reverse the polarity and you kill the battery. Anyway, your battery was not charging at random so your battery was on its way out already. Your laptop is like about 2 years old right? Sounds like about time for a new battery anyway.