Running Laptop Audio through HDMI to receiver, while still using laptop screen


Aug 12, 2015
Hi there! I just recently invested in a decent home theater setup that I plan to use extensively with my laptop. I've got an Asus n56 laptop with an nVidia gt650m 2gb and intel Core i7 3610. The receiver that i've got is a Denon DHT1312BA. Yesterday I setup a stereo system with two bookshelf speakers connected to the receiver and plugged my laptop into the receiver using an hdmi cable. (my laptop only has HDMI out). everything worked great, bookshelf speakers sounded good and i was able to use my laptop display and use the audio from the receiver no problem. Then today I decided to test out the satellite speakers (ordered coaxial cable for sub, so haven't hooked it up yet) so i setup 2 more speakers to get a 4.0 configuration. tested the system and it worked great. I even used my laptop sound test to test all four speakers and it worked great and was able to use my laptop display just fine. then i jiggled the hdmi cable a little bit and now i am not able to use my laptop screen anymore. i can playback audio from my computer through my receiver and speakers, but my screen stops being functional. what i mean by this, is the screen goes blank and just shows my desktop background with no icons, mouse pointer or anything. it still plays audio but the laptop screen stops working. Any suggestions, advice, etc?