Question S90QY cutting out PC sounds

Sep 19, 2023

please help

I recently bought the LG Soundbar S90QY and i want to use it for the TV but also as my PC speakers, I connected the soundbar as following : PC windows 11 (GPU AMD RX 5700 XT - HDMI 1 LG TV, HDMI 2 LG soundbar, DP port monitor) sometimes when i turn on the PC it works flawlessly but sometimes it just starts cutting out audio from the PC, when i opened the LG Soundbar App i noticed that when the sound is cutting out i see that the sound is cycling between Dolby Audio and non-Dolby Audio and it switches constantly, even when i disabled Dolby it just cycles between PCM, the soundbar is connected to the TV via the ARC port and the PC via the standard HDMI, i tried resetting the soundbar to the factory settings and it did not help

When i turn the sound to stream through Bluetooth it works OK with no cutting out

Did anyone else experience this odd behavior and possibly found any solution?

have a nice day