How To Safelink activation - No Data with Verizon Compatible Tracfone SIM card (resolved)


May 7, 2010
FYI, Safelink does provide the option "Bring Your Own Phone" that can be activated and used on AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon - depending on the carrier of the existing phone.

I happened to help somebody recently with the CA Lifeline program subscription via Safelink. After submitting the application and going through the approval procedures, we received a T-Mobile compatible SIM card in the mail. If we had a T-Mobile phone and wanted T-Mobile network, then we'd just need to insert the SIM card in the phone and called Safelink Customer Support to activate the SIM and everything would be straight forward and simple. However, because the coverage of both AT&T and T-Mobile in our area is quite spotty, we decided to go with Verizon network instead.

For the purpose, we bought a used Verizon unlocked phone and a Verizon compatible Tracfone SIM kit ($1 at Best Buy). We then called the Customer Support to activate the Tracfone SIM card (Note: The CSR would need both the T-Mobile compatible SIM card in the mail and the new Verizon compatible Tracfone SIM card to do the swap and activation on the Lifeline account). Within minutes, we got the Tracfone SIM activated with Voice and Text working but there was NO INTERNET DATA. After several extended trouble-shooting sessions including a phone factory reset and a 2nd new Tracfone SIM card, the CSR determined that we'd need a Net10 "Keep Your Own Phone" SIM kit instead. So I went back to Best Buy and bought a new Net10 SIM kit that cost $1 and came with three different SIM cards inside to work with AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon. I called back support again and the last CSR was able to activate the new Net10 SIM card on the Verizon network within minutes and this time we got Voice, Text and 4G LTE Data all working.

It took us three days and pulling hairs to go through the entire process so I hope that our experience would benefit the Safelink community as well...

In conclusion: If you go with Safelink service, then get a Net10 "Keep Your Own Phone" SIM kit (Model NTATKTMUNA-TRI1 / SKU 5470401) for just $1 at your local Best Buy store to activate your Safelink plan in case you decide to use a different network than T-Mobile. The Net10 SIM kit comes with all three major network carriers so you can't go wrong.

Overall, we are very happy with the level of support that Safelink / Net10 provide. Wait time when calling the support line varies between 2 - 20 minutes depending on how busy they are but we have always received excellent support and assistance from them. During day time, I believe that the support team is from a call center located in the States vs. somewhere overseas in the evening. In either case, the service and support level is equally excellent. Strongly recommended based on our past experience...
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