Question Samsung 40"No Power, No Bad Caps, Over Voltages when testing power board, Help!


Sep 3, 2012
I have a Samsung LN-S4051DX that won't power on. It just clicks and has no standby light. I've tested all caps and they are good. And when I test the power board, I am getting overvoltage. Where the 13v pin is, I get 18v until it clicks, then it goes down and comes back up to 18, then repeats over and over. The three 6.4v pins are at correct voltage until the click, then they go down and come back up. And last, the 12v pins all have 26v, then drop down and back up. Board looks good. No burnt spots or cold joints. Sounds like a humming noise coming from transformer the whole time it's plugged in and clicking as well. If I unplug the main board from the power board, I get no lights and the clicking stops. But the humming type noise is still coming from the big transformer. Any ideas?
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