Samsung 46 inch tv sound problems


Feb 16, 2012
My advice to you is that you should call the Samsung a/s service center to see if they can be of good help to you even though my nephew and many other people that I know are not happy with the Samsung a/s service center for the way they treat their customers. But what is really wrong with Samsung Electronics and their LCD TVs defects and lawsuits? The news is wide spread and you can get some tips from here:,2817,2400675,00.asp


Feb 3, 2012
I was eagerly waiting for Samsung to release its latest OLED TV by Q3-2012, but with this latest story against Samsung, hmmmmm!! I don’t seem to trust Samsung TV products any more. I guess I have to stick to LG OLED TV.


Feb 6, 2012

One thing I like from the LG consumer service center is what I call empathy. I remember some years back when my friend and I went to the consumer service center of LG to get some vital information concerning the latest LG Smart TV and how it functioned. In fact, I was amazed with the way the guys treated us with care and attention. It was as if I should just go and order a new brown smart tv for myself.
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