samsung blu ray player and vizio tv problems

Y M___

Feb 10, 2016
I was gifted a new Samsung blu ray player in 2015. I have shorted out 2 perfectly fine Vizio TVs--a 3 year old TV and a 5 year old, both LCD--while using Hulu with this blu ray player.

Is it possible that a blu ray player can have a virus? What's the fix for this?


Feb 13, 2016
I guess I should clarify what I mean by shorted out. Both TVs have been plugged in these same outlets for several years. The Blu ray player played Hulu programs and movies via Blu ray for several weeks. I turnedthe tvs off one night. I went back to turn it on the next day it did not turn on. So I don't think it is a power issue. But I'd like to know what it is, before I buy another TV.

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