Question Samsung cracked TV screen

Jun 24, 2019
I have a 55" TV, purchased in October. We were watching the TV on 31st May, and it made a loud popping noise and then showed a spider web pattern on the screen. I contacted my retailer, who told me to contact Samsung. I called Samsung, who eventually arranged for an engineer to collect the TV. This was collected on 10th June, and I have been calling them to chase it up, but was told that they hadn't looked at the TV yet as they were short staffed! They phoned yesterday afternoon and said that it is screen damage. I have done some research, and it can be caused by thermal cracking. I phoned Jasmine at Customer Solutions, and left a message, but she hasn't called back yet. What's the next step, as I dispute the damage was caused by me, and there are lots of similar cases on the internet. Any advice appreciated! I'm in the UK.