Samsung D8000 Imput Lag 33ms


Apr 17, 2012
I’m looking at get a new Samsung 3D LED TV D8000. It is mainly going to be used on a pc with TV card and a Blue Ray Drive. I also want to do some gamming on the TV with the PC and PS3/Xbox 360.
My concern is Input lag and picture quality. I know the TV has a game mode that drop pictures quality and the input lag to 33ms. Will the input lag be noticeable? I did try and Google it but the answers I get is mixed some say it is terrible other say they can’t notice it I did look for a movie to see the input lag of 33ms but the ones that I did finds aren’t very helpful.
I play most types of game FPS, RTS, OTS and RPG and looking to start playing online as well.
For completive online gamming I will be use a pc monitor.
Questions that I need help with
1. Will the input lag be noticeable on Games, Movies from hard drive and from Blue Ray and TV Tuner? All my sound go’s through Logitech Z550 and Turtle beach PX5
a. If so where can I get a example of how bad it is
b. Is there any way to fix or improve it
2. Will the input lag be grater on 3D Movies and 3D games?
3. Will I be able to change picture quality from pc? I looking at getting the Nvidia Geforce GTX 680 to make up for the picture drop when on game mode
120hz and 240hz televisions absolutely do not play well with pc gaming. there is noticible lag. the pc mode which is supposed to limit the tv to 60hz doesnt always work. some models are fine, others have issues. in general you want a non 3d 60hz 1080p television if you want zero issues.

there shouldnt be any drop in quality as 1080p is 1080p in any mode. the only thing you lose out on is 120/240hz which adds in fake frames or the other display modes which all impact gaming very badly.

i'm not sure how 3d tvs would interact with 3d games but my guess would be a 30fps (30hz) video playback. look it up as i'm not entirely sure on this. i do know that 120hz pc monitors will give you in effect, 60hz/60fps 3d playback or 120hz/120fps 2d playback.

input lag really isnt noticible on movies but is noticible in games and windows.

if you want to use a hdtv for competitive gaming...i would go with a 60hz plain-jane television without any of the fancy display modes and features. i've used a 40" 1080p 60hz sony bravia for years without issue.
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