Samsung Edge lit Vs Vizo Active LED zones


Aug 19, 2010
Samsung UN55JU6500

These are the 2 TVs im looking at, and i know enough to get me in trouble but not sure of a true answer. I think LED zones can be better picture quality if you have enough zones, this TV has 32 different active zones on a 55 inch, not sure if that's good or not. Where as Samsung ,i belive any ways, uses Edge lit to reduce the thickness of the tv, where i know they can be very good edge lit, does it beat out the 32 active zone on the vizo?

Long story short which tv is better for streaming and gaming on.
Either TV will be a good choice. I would give the nod to the Vizio though as the active zones are good at local dimming to get the blacks totally black and reduce the light leak.