Samsung Galaxy 46mm smart watch battery life

May 13, 2018
I couldn't post on MIKE PROSPERO & CAITLIN MCGARRY closed thread so am trying here.

I just dumped my two year old mal functioning Garmin Vivoactive HR and bought the Samsung 46mm LTE.I am quite pleased with it. Day time battery life with BT turned on is great. But for some reason over night battery life is terrible. Last night drained over 60% of the battery. I had it set on "Good Night" mode. I had left NFC left on and BT off. I have left BT on and connected Samsung phone turned off overnight and that produced a massive battery drain also. I've had the watch for almost four days now and I'm sure I'll find the solution, but thought I'd see if you could provide some battery saving tips.
TIA, Allan

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