Review Samsung Galaxy A54 hands-on: Like the Galaxy S23, except in price

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May 27, 2017
I welcome bezels that make it easier to grip my phone with my medium man hands, so this phone would seem to be more suitable for myself and my wife (her hands are a bit smaller) when our LG G8x ThinQ's give up the ghost (soon, since the last version update to 12 and security update are both about 1 year old - kudos to LG for continuing support that long after quitting the market) . This mania about bezel-less phones is nuts!

I will also get a TPU skin, and my wife will be getting her usual wallet case, to further enhance our grips. I appreciate the near same size of the 2 different phones as we should be more comfortable with that.

Also, the provision for micro SD cards with our pix and docs already in place make that a simple transfer, and the water resistance is also welcome (although a bit less than the LG's IP68).

Looking forward to 5G support with the Samsung, which is the other big motivator for the "upgrade". We will go for unlocked to be able to swap between carriers to see who has the best coverage where we usually travel without the hassles of locked phone switching.
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