Question Samsung Galaxy Book Ion 15'' - Led blinks blue - Won't start

Feb 14, 2023
I was using the laptop (2020 model) as normal and suddenly Windows froze. Assuming it was a fault of Mr. Gates as usual, I held the Power Button to force a reboot.

However once the laptop turned off, pressing the Power Button again, results in the Laptop LED blinking blue, keyboard backlight on. After 11-12 blinks (slow), I can hear the CPU fan start, then the whole thing turns off and then back through the whole cycle.

I have:
  • Held Power Button, 30 seconds, press again. Same
  • Held Power Button and Volume Down at the same time, Led turns Green. Press Power. Same
  • Opened the laptop, removed battery, plugged power adapter in, Power On. Same results
  • Removed extra RAM. Same
  • Removed both SSDs. Same

Anyone has an idea of what the 11-12 led blinks mean?

Laptop is out of warranty by about 5 months.

Any idea on how to maybe clear CMOS on those? I can't see any battery anywhere.