News Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs. Galaxy Note 10 Plus: What's different?


Feb 24, 2020
Tons hardware use to be a site for real tech news and now you are being paid by Samsung it seems. There are so many falsehoods in this article. As for the Samsung Note 20 Ultra, it's a scam. Stick with the Note 10+ if you want to get a new phone and save half a grand. 45 watt charging is gone on the S20 ultra, your article is like Samsung hasn't said. Ugh, yes they have and it's gone from the Note 20 Ultra. And that is huge as it charges your phone two times faster!

Note 20 ultra 120Hz is running at 1080p and not QHD+ (3k) like the Note 10+. To me that is a huge difference. You didn't mention that, you simply say it's running in the higher resolution, which it's not. It would be like playing video games in 480p vs 1080p just to add smoothness. And many reviewers are saying with 120Hz on, the battery drops significantly, which makes sense as Samsung won't let you run QHD (3k) with 120Hz even though the panel is capable of it. Think about that, Samsung is disabling a hardware feature, that should tell you something about how bad this feature will drain your battery (and that is with only 1080p). So I'm losing picture quality and battery life for a smoother experience, no thank you.

And why did Samsung lower the storage to 128GB? You also didn't put any emphasis on that and that is also huge! You are paying $200 more than the original price of the Note 10+ but they lowered the storage space from 256GB to 128GB and removed a 256GB option altogether! The next jump us 512GB and costs an extra $200 bringing the astronomical total to $1500! This 256GB storage on the Note 10 and plus models was a huge selling point last year with them saying Notebook storage on a phone.

I also don't need 5G. 5G isn't tuned well and it's going to use way more battery than the decade tuned 4G LTE. And speed isn't an issue (not for a few years of longer yet). I'm able to clock my Note 10+ at 250Mbps down and 60Mbps up on T-Mobile. Anything over 100Mbps isn't going to really be noticable. And 5G is a battery sucker as most areas don't have 5G and your phone is going to be searching forever for 5G that isn't there. 5G will be awesome but in like 3 years when it's more places and the carriers upgrade their backhaul as right now 5G usually gets you fast 4G LTE speeds.

So the cameras are going to be better but is it worth another $600-800 depending on which model and if you trade in your 10+? Reviewers were saying the Note10+ camera was better than the S20 Ultra in most shot types due to issues with the 100x zoom and autofocus. And what about that camera bump that looks like you are sporting a whole other phone on the back of the Note 20 ultra?

To me the Note 20 Ultra is a dud and not worthy of an upgrade just yet. The Note 9 to 10 was a large jump. But if you put a 10+ next to the 20 Ultra at first glance you would be hard pressed to differentiate the two.

I forgot to mention that Samsung has now expanded updates to 3 Android updates instead of their old policy of two. They also said it will be retroactive starting with the S10. So the Note 10+ will be getting two more Android updates to at least Android 12 and Android 13 for the S20 Ultra. That is huge! It's another reason why I'll hold onto my Note 10+ for longer! Many tomshardware is a joke.