News Samsung Galaxy S22 price rumor is good news


Jan 22, 2015
The Galaxy S21 was one of the most, if not the most unappealing flagship ever brought to market. It turned it's back on every single thing that made people like the galaxy line, while simultaneously doubling-down on all bad ad-filled privacy-invading "samsung-exclusive" junk software that makes a growing number of people avoid the brand like the plague.
It doesn't matter how many pointless cameras you tack on, nobody wants to pay $800 for a phone with FAR fewer features and worse functionality than the outdated $600 phone that its replacing (especially when the better phone can be bought used for <$200).

So, I have a feeling that "basically the exact same phone at the exact same price" is not going to be a winning strategy for Samsung.
Samsung will never have another successful phone until they understand that they have no brand loyalty, and that people only tolerated the branding back when their hardware used to have a competitive edge over apple.

Also, they need to go back to building phones that can fit inside a human hand, again, preferably with a flat bezel that isn't made out of annoying touchscreen. It doesn't matter how good the processor is if you need 2 hands and a desk just to type out a text. All we want is an S7 with USB-C, security updates, and 5G. Why is that so hard to figure out?