News Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra design teases this killer camera partnership


Mar 4, 2013
Isn't Olympus supposed to be closing down? Have the Bern bought out, and is Samsung the one buying?

Ok. So far the ZTE Axon 30 series is says to top out at three 64mp sensors, which is 192mp as we have been pointing out, out there, and a 8mp sensor, making 200mp. I would hope by the end of the year somebody is using the 200mp chip, and it's 16k mode, but that msy be just unrealistic. However, any company with access could release am extra special model before Christmas like this. The issue is, that I haven't heard of a chipset that can give you good data rates to do 16k justice. But I note that Samsung has previously put a lot higher data rate in their chipset than the android competition. If they are going take advantage of the 16k mode, I imagine they would do this again.

But what datarates bare needed for 16k. From prior familiarity with pocket cam footage using leading ambarella compression chipset, 10mb/s h264 at 4k is horrible. But, even at horrible, thats 160mb/s h264. Which I expect is withing the top snap dragon chipset's range, with maybe another chipset coming at end of the year, a 888+ going on what they did in past years. 320mb/s would be much better, 640mb/s better again, and 2240mb/s excellent. Obviously most of these aren't going to happen, and I imagine Samsung might go up to 320mb/s. However if you use h265, the 320 becomes 160 again, and the new h266, the 160 becomes 80mb/s, so maybe they could do their first h266 hardware at 160 or so mb/s. The problem is, the h265 circuitry is a number of times more work/complex, and the h266 is a number of times over that. The chipset size will start to add up, and I suspect, if they do this. It will be mid flagship performance camera orientated phone with massive codec section. Until you get to 280mb/s h266, it's not really pro. So, a note like model would be something big for this.

Now, ZTE would have a Nubia z40 coming, and redmagic + model, apart from the Axon range, to stick something into. But I suspect Samsung might go first.