Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Review: Nearly Indestructible

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Sep 6, 2015
There lieing I got my galaxy s6 active 2 days after they came out with them, I spent 700$ on it and hell I didn't have that kind of money to spend but I thought AT&T was telling the truth any how durable water resistance shatterproof so on and so forth but no they lied and I didn't know until after I tried it, I put it in the pool and the speaker didn't work after that, and then I did the unspeakable and ran it over and it shattered the glass on the inside of the phone so now I half to pay 300$ to fix it thank u at& for false advertisement and not standing behind your word to fix it


Sep 28, 2015
@Rebecca_2 They do say that it can't survive under 1.5 meters so that is probably ow it broke. Also Why did you intentionally run it over? I mean it might be resistant but come on. Especially when you don't even have the money to spend on it.
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