Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 won't turn on or charge


Sep 26, 2016
My Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 wouldn't turn on or charge out of nowhere! I've tried:
-Holding the power button & the volume up button
-Holding the power button & the volume down button
-Pressing all the buttons at once
-Letting it charge overnight
I haven't opened the back yet because if I break it I won't be able to afford a new one. A few months ago, I checked the charging port and there was a bit of dust. I blew into it, plugged it in, and it was charging again! But before I could even attempt to turn it on, the screen started blinking very fast and then it went black. Its been like this for about 5 months. I really don't have the money to repair it right now and I was just hoping somebody would have another idea of what to do. Someone please help!!!
The blinking screen makes it sound like it's a hardware issue, maybe the screen went bad or the system board.

Did you check with Samsung to see if it's in warranty? It may have been 5 months ago, did you check with them then?