Question Samsung galaxy tab pro s won't connect to TV with usb 3.c to HDMI cable

May 15, 2019
Hello there I have a Samsung galaxy tab pro s and a Comsol adapter with usb 3.c to usb 3, HDMI and another usb3.c port.
my issue is I have been trying to connect my galaxy to two television screens and they are not working.
In the past it used to work a dream, but now it comes up with no signal and a blue screen.
I am using the latest version of Windows 10.
When trying to detect a second screen it says second screen inactive and Intel® HD Graphics 515.
I have updated windows, checked the adapter, the HDMI (it works with my Pc computer HDMI to Tv) and various other settings with no avail.
I am thinking should I get my tablet serviced or take it to a local computer shop to look at fixing? as I have no clue
why it is doing this.
I wanted to connect my tablet to a bigger screen as I currently study online and the smaller tablet screen isn't cutting it.
Thanks or reading and I look forward to any suggestions.