News Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 could fix the biggest problem with Galaxy Z Fold 3

Jun 6, 2022
I own a Fold 3, love it... but the camera as we know needs upgrade. I used to get soo many compliments from Apple ppl when I shared my photos from my Samsung 10S+, now 0 compliments. Reason I wanted to post is my Fold 3 after 7 MONTHS normal usage in San Diego is cracking/splitting where the phone folds inside. SMH, and because I have some outer damage on the outside screen it is NOT COVERED under the manufactured warranty. so instead I must pay my $249 deductible to fix their problem which will most likely affect all fold 3 phones at some time. In my opinion Samsung should pay for their FOLD FLAW instead of me. Incidentally I rarely use the front screen because it is too narrow (candy bar size, I call it) to do anything but receive notifications. I do render it useless. But I do love to use the Fold 3 when open with a nice big screen. Can't wait for the Fold 4. :)