Samsung laptop doesn't connect to tv via hdmi or vga.


Jun 25, 2014
I have a Samsung Series 3 NP355V5C laptop, it's screen is completely cracked, and I tried doing a factory restore on my hard drive (not related). The laptop itself usually didn't connect to the tv until the login screen appeared, so when it came time to choose the settings for the restore, the laptop wasn't showing on my tv. Is there any way to get it to connect to the tv without directly booting the hard drive? I have no way to get a new screen and I tried putting my hard drive in my brothers HP laptop and boot it while pressing F11 but that isn't working.

Also, my brothers HP laptop connects to the tv through hdmi while booting the bios while my Samsung laptop doesn't.


Jun 17, 2014
With the computer turned on and your external monitor plugged in, press FN + F4.

That should activate the external display output. You may need to use the TV remote to change inputs to the HDMI or whatever input your using.

(this will only work if you can boot to windows by turning on the PC)


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