Question Samsung LED TV flashing backlight LEDs

May 4, 2024
I have a Samsung 65" LED TV, does not power up. When the power cord is connected, the backlight LED just keep flashing about once every second. I replaced the power board (BN44-01055A) but the problem persisits. I disconnected the LEDs, and I can hear the TV's start up sound after a few seconds. I disasembled the TV, and found all LEDs are working when tested individually. There are 5 rolls, each roll with 12 LED in two sections. The strange thing is.. when I use a sparate power source to check the LEDs, only half of each roll would like up, as if the connectors are faulty, yet they are not. The LEDs appear to be wired in two banks, but when I traced the wires, I noticed it just loops back to the power board, so all 60 LEDs are connected in series. When I checked the voltage on the power board, I found a whoppinig 280 bolts going to the LEDs dispite the board showing spec of 192 volt. The replacement power board has about the same voltage. Please advise.
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