Samsung LNT5265FX/XAA wont show power (no red LED)


Feb 20, 2015
So I have an older LNT5265FX/XAA TV and it wont power on. It shows no LED when plugged in. I know for a fact it's getting power, because I had the back cover off and touched the power board while it was plugged in. lol. The capacitors have already been replaced, a couple of years ago actually. And it's worked perfect up until this. None are showing signs of being bad, no bulging or nothing. The TV would just randomly shut itself off, and then randomly turn itself back on. Now it's just off for good. I've been trying to google search this issue but have found no answer for it yet. Hoping someone here would have an idea. I really just need help figuring out if it's a main board or a power board issue.

I'm extremely comfortable with doing what ever needs to be done to the board... except checking voltages lol. Not a lot of experience in that field. Unless touching the board when it's plugged in counts... then I can do that lol.