Samsung model UN24H4000AF and External Speaker HELP Please


Jul 31, 2015
Did not think this would be such a problem, but I need some help.

Bought this for my mother and father in their kitchen. The old TV had an external speaker jack, 3.5mm. I had external computer speakers with their own amp. They could hear it fine. They are in their late '80s. The speakers on this new Samsung are hard for me to hear and literally impossible for my father.

Got the Samsung home, got an adapter to go from the computer speakers 3.5mm male to the red/white RCA jacks. The RCA females on the Samsung must be inputs (?) only.

I don't mind buying new speakers.

I know there are USB powered speakers. What other choices do I have? I would say I would hate to pay more for speakers than the TV cost, though. But, if that is the only solution, I will.

Anyone with experience in this problem area that can give me some help, suggestions, or advice is greatly appreciated.

BTW-did try an Insignia sound bar with optical cable. It does function, but the bar has to have its own remote and the computrer speakers used with the old TV were much louder. The extra remote with folks in their '80s will be a nuisance.

Also, they have DISH and function fine with the one remote controlling the channels, the DVR, and sound. So, if an fix can keep them using the DISH remote, I would appreciate it.

Thank you very much for any help.
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A new television set should offer the option of Bluetooth speakers. They are quite inexpensive unless you go for the high-end models or the one I bought for bathroom use which aren't harmed by a certain amount of steam. That one cost me over a hundred GBP. :( It does pick up a signal from a CD player two rooms away.


Jul 31, 2015
Thanks for that truly. I will be trying to locate the Bluetooth setup.

I wish I could still use the DISH remote to control the TV speakers, but for some reason, I think this TV disables that ability.
There is no mention of bluetooth for that TV so you are stuck with the optical audio output.
You can use one of these
to convert that to analog which would be compatible with the PC speakers. Only catch is that this is a fixed output so they will not be able to adjust the volume with the TV remote. The speakers will need to have a level control for them to be able to adjust volume.
You other option is to get a small under TV speaker or soundbar that will have remote volume control (with optical input).


Jul 31, 2015
Thanks americanaudiophile!

I was just about to return it all and start over. They love the picture on the 24" Samsung LED, though.

The speakers I had hooked up to the old TV had their own preamp and volume control. They were very loud, like you could hear them outside the house.

The DAC Digital to Analog Converter looks very promising. I don't understand why, on the Samsung TV's, when you go into the menu and select "External Speakers" you lose control of the volume and it is fixed. Not being in control of the volume or even being able to mute the sound is still less than what they had with the "old technology".

Let me you this:

If I take back the TV and Insignia sound bar.

Do you know if there is another quality brand of small (29 inches tall or less), flat screen (doesn't have to be LED, that is just what I happen to see), with outputs (RCA jacks, optical, or Bluetooth) that will allow me to maintain control of the sound with the DISH remote (I do understand how to program it to control the TV) without losing that capability like the Samsung?

As I had stated, my parents are both in their late '80s, They are very bright, read a lot, very active, no mental impairments, but when someone has been set in their ways and having the ability to use one remote, it would make me, too, feel like I am backing up in technology and convenience to a lesser state than exists, now. I want them to be happy and satisfied and not have to use two remotes and possible misplace one. I hope that makes sense and doesn't seem to be too demanding.

Thanks to everyone, again, for trying to help. I appreciate everything more than you can know!

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