Review Samsung Odyssey Ark hands-on review: Extra in the best way possible

Nov 19, 2022
Just looked at your excellent review. Easily the best review on the Samsung Odyssey Ark. I was interested in this monitor and I have been trawling through the influencer YouTube pseudo reviews, which all just seem to be hyping this monitor up or plagiarising each other.
My feelings on this 55in curved monitor are mixed. I feel Samsung have attempted to do too much and include gimmicky features like the pointless tilt 'cockpit mode'. Which looks both painful on the neck, and also very restricted with only allowing the Samsung apps and one external input at a time.
The 55in curve was just what I was looking for to replace my current 48in LG OLED. But the fact Samsung decided not to go with QD-OLED, which would of been superior and a no brainer. Now am left with doubts over their 1000 mini lights LED. The 1000 lighting zones is not much on a 55 in screen, so some ghosting and bleed through will be inevitable.
In conclusion, Samsung should of delivered a pure gaming monitor, left out the useless tilt, and other gimmicks like the Ark Dial and external box to connect the 4 HDMI's. And worst of all no built in G-Sync or display connector.
They could of easily made a £1800-£2000 monitor instead of the ridiculous and unrealistic £2599, if they left out the gimmicks.
Anyway a great Review thank you.