Samsung Pitches 240 Hz LCD Technology

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Mark Rejhon

May 15, 2008
I think to eliminate motion blur, the screen needs to be strobed or use a really high sampling rate (i.e. 1000fps, 1ms response).

Everybody can tell the difference between a ski jumper or close-up of a moving NASCAR racing car taken with a photographic camera at 1/250th second and 1/1000th second. The rapid panning of the film camera at only 1/250th shutter, causes the photographic print to have background motion blur, while the photograph taken at 1/1000th second has much less motion blur. Even though you can't tell apart a 1/250 strobe from 1/1000 strobe directly, it is still perceived as differences in motion blur, and thus, the reason why 240 Hz (1/240) will still not be the ultimate frontier...

The principle is the same -- watching fast panning motions, such as the scoreboards in the back of a hockey rink, during fast pans. 240 Hz is a big improvement, but still isn't enough to make it 100% CRT-like.

True, there's a law of diminishing returns beyond 60 Hz, but companies using sports camera running 1/1000sec shutters, benefit from displays that are strobed fast (i.e. CRT with its sub-1ms response time). So, video cameras taking 60 frames per second, but using 1/1000sec shutter, will benefit in motion clarity, from a 1000Hz or 1000fps display (implemented either as 1/1000sec strobe, or 1000-frame interpolation, or similiar)

Easier solution is a strobed backlight such as the one used in the Samsung TN4081 and similiar displays ("LED Motion Plus" feature), which scans the LED backlight more like a CRT display. This does lead to some flicker (like CRT), which is necessary for fast motion clarity without interpolated frames.
Not open for further replies.
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