Samsung plasma won't read RCA home theater


Aug 20, 2013
My Samsung won't read RCA surround sound... Have a 2010 50" Samsung plasma. Just got a pretty inexpensive RCA home theater system (60 thru amazon) figuring would be nice little addition. Set up but the woofer/receiver only has the red-white output chords. When I hooked that into the tv I got nothing. After trying the Internet I figured I needed a 3.5mm into the audio jack on Samsung and not the red-white... So I bought a chord that had that for the tv and the red-white for the woofer. Still nothing. Tried changing tv menu to external speakers but nothing. It's set on Dolby digital. Obviously by my tech speak I'm clueless so here is my plea for advice!! Maybe it's just a dud machine. It was only 60. Thank you for any guidance.
If your RCA HTib has Left and Right audio inputs (red-white) then you should be able to get audio from the TV to it from the 3.5mm headphone jack (if that is what you are referring to). You would have to switch the RCA to that input to get sound. The volume control of the TV will affect this too. You said "It's set on Dolby Digital" but don't say exactly what is set. The TV? If so try other settings. It's important to distinguish between inputs and outputs since they ofter have the same connectors and it is easy to get mixed up.