Question samsung ps50c490

Mar 2, 2020
Samsung ps50c490
Hi guys big problem really now i spend two weeks and nothing. PLEASE HELP

So symptoms

when i plug power cord tv start but logic board clik every sec for (5 sec) and nothing happen.

when i unplug power Y board power tv start sounds OK but no picture.

So i ordered Y main board and Y buffer together and replace together nothing change still same problem.
So i order also Main board,logic board and X main board after replace nothing change still same problem.
So i order next Power sypply but same nothing happen. Still click every sec.
So i think maybe Y main board or Y buffer send to me broken so i order from diffrent website Y main board Y buffer also one more logic board and power supply but again nothing change wrrrrr....... Please guys Help now i spend 3 weeks i don't have idea now.