Question Samsung Q60R & Denon AV Receiver = never friends?


Nov 4, 2007
Hey all, long time first time.

I made a quick overview video to demo the issue I’m having -

I'm replacing an old Sony LCD Tv with a 4K upgrade. Existing setup is that we watch everything via an AV amp, mostly through an Amazon fire stick 4K (Netflix or prime) or hdmi cable to laptop. We could use the Fire stick remote for volume and switching on and off the whole setup - wonderful and simple for the whole family to use.

So having convinced myself 8 years was long enough to wait upgrading i went Black Friday and picked up the Samsung QLED 55” Q60 entry level model from Richer sounds. I’ve dealt with them for years and trusted them to help steer me right. I told them I was running into an AV amp with 5.1 setup.

Got the tv home to discover my AV receiver (also Sony) was too old for 4K. Wish they’d asked me that in store but fair enough, back to Richer sounds, got an entry level Denon AVR-X250BT with promise of it doing 4K and all the other modern standards.

Now that I have set it up I have a couple of options both which kind of suck, and I probably need to return the Denon amp but hear me out...

I learned that with HDMI ARC which both devices support I can connect them and things should just work. Option 1 is that I can use the fire stick remote and keep it but accept that due to HDMI issues (even tho both the TV and amp support hdmi cec or hdmi control) that I will need the amp remote to control volume and tv remote to switch on and off. Next issue is that once you switch off, the pass-through switches off the Denon Av receiver - great! But when you switch on the tv, the Denon doesn’t wake up and the TV defaults to TV Speakers, meaning you need to set the Tv output back to AV receiver. That’s 4 remotes and unacceptable for the family and me to be honest.

Option 2 is to ditch the fire stick and use the built in Samsung Apps for Netflix etc and smart remote (this tv comes with two remotes, the standard one you’ve likely seen and smaller sleeker one that looks a bit like the fire stick remote and is designed with minimal controls for those use streaming apps like us). Unfortunately in this instance, not having fire stick we lose the Alexa ability to voice search (bixby, the one built into the sleeker Samsung remote doesn’t work for the apps properly) and we still have the switch off but not wake issue described in option 1. So this reduces it to 2 remotes and loses voice search which saves a lot of time in YouTube, plus the Samsung built in apps respond a lot slower which isn’t great.

I spoke to Richer Sounds at length who told me that there are many permutations of tech and they’re sorry they sold me the av amp without thinking about compatibility but they might have to charge me 15% of its value to bring it back.

I told them I need a solution but wanted to ask all you experts here who may have had similar issues with HDMI pass through and Samsung TVs / Denon Amps.

i think it could be solved it only the TV locked to outputting to av receiver such that it would wake it up but that part of the process seems to reset itself by default. Any ideas warmly welcomed. It’s my birthday today and I hadn’t planned on spending it faffing with HDMI compatibility standards but here we are!!

Update: Now even if I switch my output of the Samsung Q60 manually to the AV Receiver, it shuts itself off after 15 minutes or so of working. Still a sign that I need to return the Denon, but I also worry that the Samsung is never going to play nice with others and that I should have stuck with Sony as a brand. Also tried a manual firmware update on the Samsung which didn't appear to change anything related to my issues.

One slight reprieve here is that Richer Sounds agreed to waive their 'restock fee' of 15% of the value.

cheers all!