Review Samsung QN900C Neo QLED 8K TV hands-on review: This is stunning


Jan 8, 2018
It would have been really good to have gotten your thoughts on comparing the QN900C NEO QLED 8K TV and comparing it to Samsung's best 8K TV of 2022, the QN900B NEO QLED 8K TV. This what have been the optimal review. Like:

1. What's changed/different? How does the 8K up-scaling of say 1080p content to 8K compare between the the two flagships TV's?

2. The One Connect Box seems to be substantially different to last years where it has to sit on the stand behind the screen, as opposed to that nice little simple long flexible cable from the previous gen. Is this the case and does this therefore hinder the ability to wall mount the TV?

3. What about nit brightness between the two sets?

4. From what I can tell, both sets can do 4K gaming at 120 FPS. Is this this case (just confirming), and if so, no biggie here to the gaming community.

5. Is there a difference between the mini LEDs used on either set, and if so, what is that difference?

6. Similar to the above, is there a difference in total dimming zones also between the two sets?

Basically, it would be really good to see that exact differences between the two flagship TVs to really understand what's the difference to me the consumer in either buying the QN900B NEO QLED 8K TV at extremely marked down prices here in Australia where I can lay my hands on an 85"er for $5,040 AUD, or, I can wait for the YET TO BE ADVISED Australian pricing and availability of a QN900C NEO QLED 8K TV that I can only get in 75" - at what I think will be a much higher price.

It all comes down to bang for buck, and I'd hope your review could take all of this into account. 😉