Samsung R538 bios password remove

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Jan 13, 2015
Hi I tried to remove battery(cmos), main battery, short cut RTC RESET, CRISIS, nothing helped password still sits is something that I miss or there is no chance to remove password?

Shaun o

It`s not a question of moving the post to the right section.

No one is allowed to divulge the process of doing so, even if they know how to.
Because it is a security feature, it exists because people may have sensitive data on there laptops.

And have put the password on the laptop or system in case it is stolen.

As to be honest it could be the person who stole the laptop who is asking how to unlock it.

The only way you will get it unlocked is if you have proof of purchase of the laptop.

And by contacting the store where you bought the laptop, or through them after proof of purchase by them, and you in contacting Samsung.

In an effort to get the laptop reset.

Not open for further replies.