Question Samsung rear module SWA-6000 will not connect now


Oct 25, 2016
This is the Samsung HT-F9703W system using the SWA-6000 wireless rear module. The rear module (RM) began to just fade out a few months ago. Random sometimes almost immediately sometimes after hours of watching. I moved it to make sure has clear line of site but still doing it. Did a reset of the link, turn off main unit press the link button on the RM press 0,1,3,5 on remote wait 2 seconds then turn on main unit. Still doing it. So I found a new one and ordered it. Went to link following the same procedure and doesn't connect just get blinking blue light. I noticed I had failed to unplug the other unit so did that and tried again. I unplugged the new RM plugged back in that the blue light was still flashing fast. Entered the key numbers and turn on main and no connect. No message it was trying as before in my successful relink of original but an occasional "check wireless connection". So tried the old unit it didn't connect so pressed the link button and got the flashing blue light did the code and no connect just a blinking light. Same thing unplug and plug back and comes up with blinking light. Now BOTH units are doing the same and I can't get them back out of the link state to try from scratch. Did a factory reset on the main unit and that didn't fix. Left them unplugged for about 30 minutes and they both still come on with the blinking light and can't them to link.

Is there a way to reset the RM unit? Is there some secret code to get everything with the link to reset and get back to scratch?
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