Samsung RF510 took a drop, shuts down under high GPU load


Sep 17, 2008
Last night, my two-year-old Samsung RF510 laptop suffered a fall from my own clumsiness. The battery popped out, but there was no visible damage to the screen or shell, and it powered on readily once plugged back in. Today, however, I discovered that it seems to overheat and will immediately power down when the GPU is taxed. The problem first occurred when I tried to start Guild Wars 2, with the laptop shutting down almost immediately, and consistently, after entering the game world.

The GPU temperature has also been fluctuating during normal usage, running in the high 60s during casual browsing with no programs open besides Firefox and Speedfan. I attempted a GPU test with OCCT, and the machine shut down immediately. I must have damaged something, that seems pretty clear. I'm wondering if anyone has a good guess what it is, and whether I can repair it myself or would be better advised to taking it to a professional. Thanks, and merry Christmas.