Samsung S3 MINI GT-I8190 - Fixed Dialing Number issue - FDN Mode activated


Jan 7, 2017

I am facing an issue with my Samsung galaxy s3 mini ( Model - GT-I8190) with Fixed Dialing Number Mode (FDN Mode). Whenever I try to call any number even the emergency number I get a pop up saying "FDN Mode activated" . I have already tried Google all the solutions online and tried almost everything.

I have tried to disable the setting of Fixed Dial Number but when I enter the PIN and press OK , I get an error something like "SIM ERROR" popped up on the screen and the issue remains the same. I have lasso tried hard reset the phone and format it. The issue remains the same with other SIM cards , I have tried 5 different SIM card which are working fine in other mobiles.

I have also given it to a repair shop and got the phone formatted and put the fresh operating system again but still the problem is the same.

Can anyone please help me with any solution ? Let me know if you guys need any more information about the phone firmware or anything .

This would require access to the phone that may have been restricted by someone who gave you or paid for the phone. Since we don't know for certain who the phone owner is, we really can't assist in bypassing this. Only the person who activated it would have the correct info to deactivate it. It is usually activated by a parent or someone trying to control what numbers can be called.

Now if by some chance this is your phone (not owned by someone else or on someone else's account) and no one else activated this, then you should be able to contact the carrier/service provider. As long as you are the account holder/owner they can help you get the right pin to deactivate it.
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